Mission Statement

The mission of Starflight Enterprises is the provision of residential, clinical and other support services to adolescents and adults with specialized intellectual, social, and emotional needs. Our goal is to provide these services in the least restrictive and most functional setting.

Primary Program Objectives

Program Setting

Services are provided in Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and surrounding areas.


Professional staff include licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, behavior specialists, special education teachers, and residential care specialists.

Program Description

Each person entering the program shall have developed for him or her an Individualized Service Plan to promote growth and development in all relevant life domains. Each ISP will be developed by staff who are trained and competent in person-centered planning and will incorporate consideration of developmental history and background, cultural variables, and clinical assessments, with input from service consumers and family members. Professional services shall be provided by staff persons who are appropriately licensed and certified as required. Residential services will be supervised by trained residential professionals who are qualified in the development and implementation of residential service plans. All lead staff are trained and experienced in basic and advanced techniques of behavior modification, informal counseling and recreational therapy. Regular assessment, monitoring and recording will be implemented to assure that service and techniques are appropriate and effective for each client.

Services Offered

Primary Population Emphasis
Adolescents and adults diagnosed with severe emotional disturbance and/or mental retardation.